Boro Park Antiques & Decorations

Boro Park Antiques and Decorations carries a varied selection of antique furniture and decorative items for a more modern taste. With many interesting items, such as vintage jewelry, antique dining sets and chairs, unique silver pieces, beautiful clocks and timepieces, as well as a stunning array of antique chandeliers and other antique furniture and lighting, any home can be accented with the interesting antiques found here.

Antiques range in period and style, from the gas light chandelier with lion head decorative carvings, to the beautiful hand blown cranberry glass chandelier that is a modern style.

Artist / Designer+ Item Image Item Name
Waterford Crystal Genuine Waterford Crystal Bowl Contemporary

Genuine Waterford Crystal Bowl Contemporary

This is a lovely genuine authentic Waterford Crystal Serving Dish. This is a contemporary Waterford Crystal dish The dish has cut glass designs on...
William Gilbert Rose Clock France Brass c. 1890s William Gilbert

Rose Clock France Brass c. 1890s William Gilbert

This is a stunning Rose Clock made in France circa 1890 to 1900. This beautiful antique clock has a dial made of American brass by William Gilbert. ...

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