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Chinese Ivory Carved Woolly Mammoth Tusk Monkey King Statue


Chinese Carved Ivory Figure of the Legend Of The Monkey King

This is an exquisite antique carving on a Wooly Mammoth Tusk, of the Legend of the Monkey King.

The Legend of the Monkey King is also called €śJourney to the West,€ť and describes the journey taken by the Buddhist monk Xuan Zang. Xuan Zang journeyed to India to obtain the Buddhist sutras, which he then brought with him back to China. Through his translation of these texts, and dispersal of the sutras throughout China, he was the founder of the Dharma character school of Buddhism in China. The Legend of the Monkey King also tells the tale of a monkey who was born from a stone and nourished by the five elements, The Monkey King€™s name was Sun Wukong, which name was given to him by his Kung Fu master, who taught him the 72 polymorphic transformations, the art of combat in Kung Fu, and how to leap halfway around the world in a single leap. He also learned the secrets of immortality. The Monkey King became one of the servants of Xuan Zang in the story after he repeatedly rebels against the heavens, and is finally subdued by the Buddha, where he is trapped beneath a mountain for 500 years, awaiting his new purpose.

TThis hand carved wooly mammoth tusk carving depicts a tower of monkeys, atop of which sits the €śMonkey King,€ť shading his eyes and looking into the distance.
This exquisitely detailed carving is extremely fragile, as the wooly mammoth tusk, due to its age, is very delicate. The attention to detail on this piece is incredible. The piece rests on a carved rosewood base. Carvings of the Monkey King bring good luck to the owner of such pieces.

This carving was made in the early 20th Century.

The carving, with the base, measures 10.5" high and 3" wide. The carving with the stand measures 12.5" high.

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Journey To The West Carved Chinese Ivory Figure of the Monkey King

Chinese - 20th Century - Late 20th Century - Fine Art - Sculpture - Ivory Sculpture - Ivory Carving - Ivory Statue - Chinese Carved Wooly Mammoth Ivory Tusk Figure - PM Tung Chinese Antiques & Art

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