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Chinese Mountain Jade Massive Carving Lavender Jadeite


Chinese Mountain Jadeite carved sculpture of Longevity mountain jade

This is an exquisitely detailed hand carved Chinese Sculpture representing "Longevity"

This beautiful massive sculpture is made of Natural Jade Mountain, and contains lavendar and imperial green jade mixed with white jade. This sculpture shows Longevity surrounded by birds and small children. This exquisite sculpture is extremely large and rare. It is carved from a single large piece of jade, without any additional attached pieces.

The Jade Mountain Carving of Longevity is all one piece. It was carved from a boulder of jadeite found (with a skin, intact) on a mountain in Burma. This piece of jade is similar to three other boulders found in the same place 300 years before this one was found. It was originally owned in its natural state by a wealthy family in China during the Qing Dynasty (the last dynasty in China prior to the republic). In around 1908, this piece was carved into the representation of Longevity as it is shown here. It was carved by an artist very skilled at this sort of carving, however, the artist's name is unknown. This was during the reign of the very last dynastic emperor of China, Puyi or Puyin. Puyi€™s reign was very short, lasting only four years. His throne was abdicated by the Empress Dowager Longyu. Puyi was only two years old when he assumed the throne, having been born in 1906.

This piece is made even more rare by the following interesting facts. First, it is lavender, green, and white jadeite, in a very translucent color which is even more striking in person; the white color is also a very pure white. Lavender jade is very rare. This piece was photographed through glass, as it was far too heavy to move. Additionally, the other interesting fact about this piece is that in Burma, where it was found, soldiers now guard the mountains, so that no jadeite may be removed from there. This boulder of jadeite was also cut by very hard diamonds, and has a hardness of about 7 on the moh's scale (the mohs scale is between 1 and 10).

According to the seller of the piece, there is some Chinese folklore associated with it. This piece represents Longevity, a figure based on "wise men" or hermits who lived in the mountains of China and were revered by farmers. They would often advise farmers who were walking in the mountains of which way to go to arrive at their destinations safely. They were very helpful to farmers and common people, but were known to not offer their help to those in power, and as such, were very respected by farmers and common people. The carved figure of Longevity was said to bring good luck to the family who owned such a piece. Longevity is shown holding a stick and hanging a gourd. These wise men were often vegetarians, and were surrounded by children and animals such as deer. He would have been well over a hundred years old.

The other three similar boulders of jadeite were sent to a museum, and have been exhibited there since they were found. I am not sure if these other three boulders were also carved, or if they remain in their natural state.

This jade sculpture is thought to bring good luck and long life.

This finely detailed statue measures 42" tall, 18" wide, and 7" deep. Measurements are approximate.

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*This item is listed at $75,000.00*

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Chinese carved jadeite boulder sculpture of Longevity

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