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Duane Hanson Sculpture Ultra-Realism Pop Art Fund Raiser 1980


This is a Sketch Head made by Duane Hanson for the "Fund Raiser" sculpture created in 1980

This finely detailed and life-like head is made of polyvinyl polychromed in oil.

This head was made as a sketch head for that sculpture, and is the same in nearly all ways. The woman is wearing glasses, just as in the finished sculpture, and she is wearing a scarf.

The gentleman selling this piece is the original owner, to whom it was gifted in 1983-1984. This Duane Hanson Sketch Head was a gift of the artist to a gentleman living, at the time, in Palm Beach County, Florida, where the artist also resided. For 21 years, this gentleman ran the Palm Beach County Cultural Coucil, and had the priviledge of meeting Duane Hanson in his studio a number of times. On his third visit to the studio, in around 1983-1984, he commented on the sketch heads which were at the time lined up on a table. The heads were similar to one another except for the flesh tones, which Duane Hanson was experimenting with.

Duane Hanson then took one of the sketch heads, placed it in a shopping bag, and gave it to him. This gentleman has possessed this sketch head since that time, and has been photographed with it on numerous occasions in local newspapers such as the Palm Beach Post and the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel. It was always kept in his office at the Cultural Council, and when he left there in 2003, he took it with him. At this point, he is moving to another state, to a Victorian Period house, and this sketch head would not fit in with the decor of his new home. Consequently, he has decided to sell it.

This auction includes the book by Kirk Varnedoe titled Duane Hanson. The life size polyvinyl statue for which this head was made is pictured in this book. This head measures 13" tall

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Duane Hanson

Duane Hanson Sculpture

Duane Hanson Test Head Close-Up

Duane Hanson Ultra-Realistic Sculpture

Duane Hanson Test Head Face

Ultra-Realism Duane Hanson

Lifelike Duane Hanson Sculpture

Duane Hanson Piece Sitting on a Shelf

Side View of Test Head for Fundraiser Sculpture

Profile shot of Duane Hanson Fundraiser Test Head

Back of Test Head for Duane Hanson Fundraiser Sculpture

Another Photo of the Back of Test Head - Duane Hanson Fundraiser Sculpture

Odd Angle- Duane Hanson Test Head

Back of book entitled Duane Hanson authored by Kirk Varnedoe

Cover of book entitled Duane Hanson authored by Kirk Varnedoe

Duane Hanson Test Head Cheek- so lifelike!


Duane Hanson sculpture photographed for

Dust jacket of book about Daune Hansonb listing his works.

Another close-up face shot of Duane Hanson Test Head piece

Interesting angle of Duane Hanson Test Head Lady Eyeglasses

Detail shot Duane Hanson Test Head Eyeglasses

Sideview of glasses on Test Head for Duane Hanson piece Fundraiser

Incredible detail of mouth of Duane HansonTest Head

The mouth of Duane Hanson Test Head for Fundraiser

Test Head Close Up Profile Shot Duane Hanson

American - Florida - 20th Century - 1980s - Fine Art - Sculpture - Polyvinyl Sculpture - Duane Hanson Sketch Head - Alan Brasington Network

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  • Created by: Duane Hanson

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