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Jewelry surviving 911 WTC World Trade Center tragedy


This is jewelry that survived the intense heat of 9-11-2001, located inside of a JP Morgan Chase Safety Deposit Box at the World Trade Center, as well as ALL documentation photographed below.

Includes 6 Pieces of Jewelry: Chevron Necklace, Tapered Ladies Bracelet, Gold Wedding Band, Victorian Bar Pin, Synthetic Plum Sapphire Ring, and a Touremline ByPass Ring with 4 Diamonds.

Not many artifacts survived 9-11 intact, and NO EVIDENCE was allowed to be removed by ground zero cleanup crews. Therefore, very fews items from that fateful day survive. These items were damaged in the intense heat, but did survive nearly intact.

Documentation proving provenance is included with purchase, as well as signed and Notarized statement from Safety Deposit Box owner. These items have been appraised by David Wolf Associates, at the request of JP Morgan Chase Bank.

Starting with the Synthetic Plum Sapphire Ring: This synthetic gem in this piece was a lighter color, however, the intense heat of the fires changed the stone's color to a darker, deeper shade of plum, while initially lighter pink. This is unusual and seems symbolic; changing state as a direct result of the 9-11 tragedy, a unique remembrance, akin to how the events of that day changed us all as a nation. This ring was made in Russia. 14 Karat Pink Gold, stamped with 583 Russian mark. 1.o4 ct weight; light L1. This item survived nearly intact, with only slight metallic frosting.

The Green Tourmaline Ring was purchased in Brazil, during a trip taken there by the Box Owner's father, back in the 1960s. This piece is 1.9 dwt 14 ct yellow gold, emerald cut faceted tourmalines from Brazil (possibly Minas Garias, though uncertain) .55 ct each, with an L1 clarity. This item survived nearly intact, with only slight metallic frosting. The 4 diamonds are .015 cts each, clarity is VS1.

The Tri-Color Gold Chevron Necklace suffered more extensive damage, as is bent from high heat in areas, and, according to the appraiser, "will not take a shine." It is 15" long, and is a V necklace. The tapered bracelet matches the necklace, 7.5" long, woven mesh design.

The wedding Band is gold with milling on the face, and is also damaged, and is "borderline ploish to restore." 5.9 mm wide, size 6 3/4.

The Victorian Bar Pin is 14K yellow gold with a silver top. It is hand contructed, and has a bead and bright cut setting. The diamond in the center weighs .34 ct, L1 clarity with a G-H-I color. Slight black debris around the diamond. The diamond melee are .03 - .01 cts each, for a total weigh of .80 ct, with 34 diamonds. SIX have popped out from the intense heat, five are loose, one remains missing. One of the smaller diamonds has changed coolor to a more yellow shade. Their SI clarity, with a color of F-G-H. This item was handmade in Russia, during the 19th centurty, and s purchased during the Soviet era. The bar pin is bent slightly.

These items are some of the few surviving artifacts from the 9-11 tragedy, as many other safety deposit boxes were melted beyond the point of opening. Please see the photos of the actual safety deposit box below. (A copy of these images are also included in this auction.)

The items had been appraised in early 2002, and value refects rare metal pricing at the time, as well as workmanship. 'Historical value' was not a factor in the appraisal.

Please consider the sensitive nature of the items. The Box owner had formerly worked at WTC I and her company had transferred down the street only a year or so before the tragedy. The owner would rather sell the items and move on than keep them, as too many sad memories are attached to them. If you have any questions, please direct them with sensitivity and concern.

*This item is priced at $12,000.00*

*Shipping Insurance is required*

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