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Partnering with Online Gallery offers several subscription packages for Galleries that wish to partner with us and take advantage of our lead generation program. The Basic Listing allows you to place up to 10 items on your page. The Pro Listing allows you to place up to 25 items on your page. And the Extras Listing allows you to place up to 100 items on your page. Online Gallery allows you the the option of having our professional photographer visit your gallery to take the photos for your listings. This service is available with no charge only with the 10 and 25 subscription plans. For the 100 item plan, an hourly rate will apply. Each time a gallery wishes to update their listings, replacing sold items with new, an hourly rate will apply if the gallery wishes to utilize the services of the photographer for their update. Color correction of photos provided by the gallery is included at no additional cost for the ten and twenty-five listings packages. A secure user account is also available for galleries that wish to have more control over their listings, and update them on their own. You will be provided with a username and password, allowing you access to your gallery's page on our server where you can upload photos and descriptions at your leisure.

Each of these subscription packages features our lead generation program, where customers will click on an item you have for sale, enter their information, and send a form through our website. This form will be sent to up to four email addresses that you have chosen for this purpose, along with a copy that is sent to our emails and placed on a secure page on our server as a backup in case the emails are not delivered. This contact form allows you to contact the buyer directly, after which you can either direct them to your website to complete the sale, or complete the sale with them over the phone. You arrange the sale and shipping directly with your buyer, and you are authorized to continue to follow up with them for future sales as well.

Basic Listing Rates
Up to 25 Items on Your Page
Up to 100 Items on Your Page

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