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TANG DYNASTY Painted Pottery Figure of Equestrian 618 - 907 AD


Chinese painted pottery figure with equestrian from the Tang Dynasty

This is an Antique Pottery Figure and Equestrian from the Tang Dynasty in China

This wonderful piece is from one of the most prosperous and powerful periods in China's history, the Tang Dynasty, existing between about 618 - 906 A.D. The Tang Dynasty was a glorious period in China's history, with a strong economy, culture, and military strength.

This wonderful sculpture depicts a woman riding a horse. Having survivied many centuries, much of the paint has come off this sculpture, though echoes of it still remain. The woman on the horse is wearing a dress that is painted red. Much of the red paint still remains. This interesting sculpture is called "worked forking," and was made specifically to be buried with its owner.

This interesting sculpture was found in a tomb from about 800 years ago. It is in good condition, considering its age. The material is unknown. The horse figure is standing on a square base, with its head held straight forward. The horse has a cropped mane, and the rider appears to be a woman wearing a full length tight fitting red tunic with a cowl at the front, and she is wearing black boots. One of her hands is by the saddle's pommel, and the other hand is at her side. Her hair is upswept into a knot on the top of her head. The rider's features are well-detailed, though some of the pottery on the face is worn.

This interesting piece is in great condition for its age. A link, below, is included, to a Christie's auction for three similar pieces, and the value is listed in the link:

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Another similar piece is on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The piece on display is also from the Tang Dynasty, and is a female rider with equestrian. However, the piece on display is missing the horse's stand, and the garment is different. It is similar in many ways. The Metropolitan Museum of Art states the following about this piece that is on display, and the link to this piece in their collection is

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From their description:

"Horse with Female Rider, Tang dynasty (618€“906), 7th century
Astana, Turfan, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, China
Unfired clay with pigment

H. 14 1/4 in. (36.2 cm)
Fletcher Fund, 1951 (51.93ab)

Sculptures such as this one, made principally of painted and glazed pottery, are known as mingqi, or spirit goods, and were placed in tombs to provide for the deceased's needs in the afterlife. Female attendants were generally produced in groups for burial in the tombs of high-ranking women. The use of unfired clay to make this charming equestrian indicates that it was produced in eastern Central Asia during a period when ties between that region and China were particularly strong.

Her ensemble consists of a tight-fitting upper garment with a V-neck, narrow sleeves, and a long flaring skirt. Her hat would have been fitted with a veil for traveling in the desert. During the early days of the Tang dynasty (618€“906) in China, this type of clothing became fashionable in the capital Chang'an and other metropolitan centers, and women also wore such hats complete with veils, to protect them from the city dust."

This piece measures 141/2" high, 11 1/2" wide, and 4" deep.

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Chinese Tang Dynasty Painted Pottery Figure With Equestrian Antique

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