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Fine Art Original Paintings

In this category, you will find fine art from some of the top galleries in New York City. Original oil paintings by contemporary artists, as well as prints from popular artists are available. We feature works by contemporary artists such as Kumi Ito, Alex Bears, Avshalom Eitan, Charles Wehringer, Thai Varick, David Hammons, and Alan Coamin Xie. Online Gallery features original works of art, including paintings and sculptures, from the artists listed, among others. Many of these original paintings are oil paintings, and are suitable for framing and hanging in the home to provide an excellent decorative accent or contrast to existing decoration.

In this section, you will also find artworks from the ancient and contemporary Chinese culture, many of which are hand carved pieces, where the carvings are in precious stones, soapstone, metals, and other materials.

Browse our selection of original artwork, including original oil paintings and sculptures, acrylic paintings, charcoal and colored pencil drawings, prints, and more.

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