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Wishpot Online Wishlist & Wedding Registry - The leading online wishlist site.

There exist three different methods of saving pieces for later: Using's Save for Later shopping cart function, by using Wishpot on, and by using's own Watch This! Lists.

Shopping Cart Save for Later Function

Items that are added to your shopping cart once you are logged in to your Online Gallery account may be saved for later (if you plan to log off and go back to d-vers later) by clicking on the Save For Later button located in your shopping cart, immediately to the left of each item in the cart. The button looks like this:

Wishpot is the leading online wishlist service, and is completely free to use.

It’s perfect for gift lists, birthday wish lists, wedding registries, honeymoon registries, baby registries, Christmas and Hanukah lists, and much more. And, WishPot allows your friends and family to 'chip in', so you can still ask for items that are in a higher price range that you mgith expect any one family member or friend to give.

To use WishPot with, all that's required of you is the creation of a free account with WishPot.
(There is no need to download and install the button mentioned on the WishPot site to use with d-vers; all items are already tagged and ready to be added to your WishPot wishlist.)

To add a product on online gallery to your wishlist on WishPot, simply click on the WishPot icon ' located at the far bottom, left side of every listing on d-vers.

At that time, a pop-up window will prompt you for your password. If you do not have an account on WishPot, you may create one at that time. Alternatively, you may create an account on WishPot right now, in the window below.

Saving Items to Online Gallery's Watch This! Lists

Please note that you are NOT required to utilize the services of Wishpot.Com in order to save pieces that you fancy to your account's watch list. Simply click on the 'Watch This!'(tm) buttonto create and share watch lists of pieces of your choosing. Using our Watch This! service does not require an additional login to Wishpot or any other web site or service, and resembles the 'Watch Lists' found on most top fifty e-commerce web sites, but with added functionality, such as the ability to make lsits public and share those lists with others.

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