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Shipping & Returns

D-Vers.Com Online Gallery Shipping Policy

At this point, D-vers.Com is no longer coordinating shipping or accepting payment for pieces, either directly or through an escrow service.

If you're interested in an item, you may e-mail or call D-vers Online Gallery, and we'll provide you with details. Alternatively, you may call the specific gallery listing the piece, though some private collectors would rather you send questions via D-vers, and do not have an option to contact them directly.

Most galleries prefer the use of an escrow agent, though this is up to the gallery.

If you live in New York City, and the gallery is located also in the city, you may be able to have an item delivered to you. Please contact us or the gallery for details

Some galleries create their own shipping crate for a piece, or contract with a specialty service which does so. This crating, for those familiar with shipping artwork and valuable antiques, is necessary to protect the item during the rigors of shipping.

~~Thank you!

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